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Round 4 TSGB Mallory Park 2019

Weekend Review, Mallory Park.
Last weekend I attended round 4 of Thundersport GB's season at the legendary Mallory Park circuit.
I have never been to Mallory before so had no expectations. I had just finished some upgrades to the SV in preparation for Brands GP so this was a shake down of the bike too. The dyno showed a healthy 83hp but it became apparent there were a few issues.
My first lap of the track was the first lap of qualifying and I went around in 1:13.334 and by the time I had finished qualifying I was down to a 1:01.153 and that time placed me 17th on the grid.

The first race was good fun and every lap I felt like I was getting more confident, especially in the first corner. I started from the 17th grid slot and finished in 16th which equated to 8th. I set a new personal best lap time of 1:00.759

Race two on sunday was more of the same although I had discovered that the excessive pressure building in the cooling system had damaged the radiator. I was hoping I would complete the race but I wasnt convinced. Fortunately I did finish the race, this time I was 19th which was 8th in my class. My best lap time in the race was 1:01.532 and I think is due to my concerns about the reliability of the cooling system. The running temp was well above 90 degrees out on track.

Overnight I replaced the radiator on the bike.
Race 1 on sunday, now my grid position was set in relation to all the fastest times from saturday. My start position was now 22nd. I finished this first race in 15th, 6th in class. I had now got my time down to a sub 1 minute time of 59.861.

Race 2 on Sunday was the best race of the weekend for me. I now felt compfortable with the track, I was getting braver around the first corner and if my brakes didnt fade after two laps I would of been able to attack the braking zones much harder. I started in 22nd and spent 8 laps just pushing myself to go faster and faster. Eventually it paid off and I cought the bike in front. I made a last lap lunge at the hairpin and managed to pull the bike to the apex and stay ahead. My final position was 15th which was 6th in class. My new fastest lap time was now a 59.276.

I really want to break into the 58's as the front runners wer doing 56's but in the end it was just out of reach. I think if my brakes were working better I would easily of been able to achieve that. I cant wait to go back.

Championship points:
Total points:


GP2 Supertwins
Qualifying Time: 1:01.153
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:00.759
Race 2 Fastest Time: 1:01.532
Race 3 Fastest Time: 59.861
Race 3 Fastest Time: 59.276
Fastest Supertwin time this weekend:56.192

Official timing

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Race 2 Sunday

Race 2 Sunday