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Round 2-TSGB Snetterton 200 2019

Weekend Review, Snetterton 200.
Last weekend I took the desicion to race with a different club. I spent the weekend seeing what Thundersport GB had to offer and to race my SV in the class I built it for in 2018. This was the first time I had tried this. The weather was absolutely awefull, the wind was battering the van and gazeebo and by saturday morning there were various pop up gazeebos folded up like spiders in the paddock.

It rained over night on friday and throughout the day there were many showers that just kept the track wet all day so I wobbled around in qualifying and posted a time of 1:34.945 which placed me 12th on the grid placed on the fourth row. I was pleased with this as the conditions were just so poor.

Race 1 came around and I lined up on the grid. I got a good start making up a couple of places and completed the first lap in 10th place. I made my way around the second lap and got about half way before the front end let go at Nelsons, and I slid off the track. I then watched the remainding 8 laps from the side of the track. I spent the next hour or so fixing the bike up, new foot peg, repositioning a bent handlebar, bleeding the front brake and replaced the brake lever. Some gaffer tape later and I was ready to go again.

Race 2 came around and as we lined up on the grid the heaven's opened up. I set off on the warm up lap and as I made my way around it was obvious I had water in the elctrics. My quick shifter was killing the engine at random intervals. I tried to continue to race but after half a lap I had no option but to pull in and missed the race.

The following morning I replaced the radiator after it had become apparent that it had taken a knock in the accident and dried out the quick shifter electrics.

Sunday Race 1, the weather was much better. The wind had died down and the rain had stopped. We had, had a couple of very light showers but nothing of note. The track was still damp for race 1 so I lined up, this time in 15th from the 5th row, with the wet tyres on and all repairs completed. The race went well, I was probably too cautious after crashing in similar conditions in Saturday's first race and lost touch with the front group completing the first lap in 11th. I completed the second lap in 10th after a retirement and spent the remainder of the race on my own. Those in front slowely pulled away and on lapt 7 #36 John Bain caught me. The very next lap he passed me into Montreal. I used him as a marker and pushed myself to go faster. On the very next lap he ran wide into Montreal, I held a tight line and passed him on the apex but as I rounded the corner I saw a marshall in the track. Unsure if there was a yellow flag and not wanting to be given a penalty I let him straight past and followed him for another lap. I passed him again on the 9th lap at the end of the Bentley Straight in to Brundel's and managed to pull a gap of just over a second accross the line. The next lap I managed to open the gap up to nearly 3 seconds and finally finished over 3 seconds ahead.

I lined up for the second and final race of the weekend. Now the sun had been out for a few hours the track was dry and the tyres were warm. I got off to a good start but found myself boxed in and couldnt pick a clear route. I made my way though the first two corners and then the rider in front stood his bike up and I got my first view of a bike on its side at the start of the Bentley Straight. My quick reactions meant I capitalised and made up a place whilst avoiding the stranded bike. I tried to hook onto the back of #111 Ryan Folkes but he was just too quick and I lost touch.
I finished my first lap in 8th place and then lost a position in the second corner as I down shifted, locked the back wheel and had to wait to turn in. I got my head down and gave chase. During the 5th lap I made the same mistake and locked the rear into Montreal, turn 2. This time I lost two places and again gave chase. "I really should of bought some new tyres!" I regained both of these places before the end of the next straight and tried to pull away, unfortunately this did not go to plan and I was passed by both riders on the very next lap. I chased and chased and then one had an issue and slowed up so I got one place back and finished in 10th.
I had a great weekend racing the other twins, lots of rain, a crash, lots of laps and lots of fuel used. All in all it was a good laugh and there was a lot of battles.

Championship points:12
Total points:12


GP2 Supertwins and Minitwins
Qualifying Time: 1:34.945
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:42.896
Race 2 Fastest Time:
Race 3 Fastest Time: 1:30.459
Race 4 Fastest Time: 1:24.525
Fastest GP2 Supertwin time this weekend:1:19.274

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Race 1 Saturday

Race 1 Sunday

Race 2 Sunday