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Round 1 Brands Indy 2022

Weekend Review, Brands Hatch Indy.
This weekend was my first race weekend since falling in 2019 and breaking my leg. I didnt expect too much to be honest I wasnt 100% sure I would be attending just because my heart wasnt in it.

This would also be the first test of the new CBR I have bult in the proceeding years since destroying the old one in the crash. I arrived on Thursday and set up, I had booked a PM test day slot to try out the bike.

The rain came down so I missed the first session. The second session was red flagged before I got onto the circuit so I queued up for scrutineering. While I was waiting the session on track got under way so I missed another. I did get out in the third and final session and the bike felt great although I felt very rusty.

My plan with the bike was to race it in the Thunderbike Extreme race. I had reduced the weight of the bike and made it as competitive as I could considering it was 100hp and I would be up against 130bhp bikes! But this was a huge mountain to climb especially with my current mind set.

I went out for qualifying and set a time of 1:16.480 on a drying track, the slowest rider out there and it gave me a start position of 36th/14th in class.

I knew I was in the wrong class when I couldnt keep up with the rest of the grid on the warm up lap! The race started and I was miles off the pace. By the end of the third lap I was being lapped so I pulled in. I decided to take the opportunity to get the bike weighed and dyno'd. It weight 172Kg and on the dyno, due to me making changes to the air filter, it was producing 92hp. This finmly places it in the Thunderbike Sport class. So with my tail between my legs I made my way to the race office to ask if they could fit me into the Sport grid, it was agreed.

I lined up in the sport race at the back of the grid and had a few scraps but to be honest I could and should of done a lot better. I finally finished in 17th having found the confidence to achieve a 1:00.532 second lap.

Sunday morning after making carb changes over night I went out in a wet warm up. I had a moment through Paddock Hill which completly trashed the confidence I had built up. I decided to call it quits on the warm up and waited for the first race. When I got to the collecting area for the race I realised I had forgotten to soften the suspension. I was about to line up on the grid and thought better of it so I returned to the paddock and packed up.

All in all this weekend did not go to plan but I did get to ride the bike on track and it performed faultlessy.

Championship points:0
Total points:0


Thunderbike Sport
Qualifying Time: **.***
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:00.532
Race 2 Fastest Time: **.***
Race 3 Fastest Time: **.***
Race 4 Fastest Time: **.***
Fastest Thunderbike Sport time this weekend:51.953

Official timing


Race 2 Saturday