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Round 9 Brands Hatch Indy 2015

Weekend Review, Brands Indy.
Last weekend I attended BEMSEE’s round 9 at Brands Hatch in Kent.
The Minitwins weren’t present as a class but I entered the Thunderbike Sport class as I have at previous events this year. I arrived on Friday and managed to get setup by midday. This meant I could get out on track for the last two sessions on Friday.
I did two sessions each approx. 14 laps and got my lap time down to 55 seconds which I was happy with as this wasn’t a race and I didn’t push myself.

Saturday morning was very foggy and the qualifying had to be delayed to allow the fog to clear, this took some 2 hours and we finally got under way around 11 O’clock. The first races were deleted and the second were lengthened slightly from 10 to 12 laps.

I waited around and finally got out for qualifying, I set off and the bike felt good. My third lap was a 57 second lap and my lap timer shows I was improving on my fourth lap when disaster struck. My engine destroyed its self as I approached druids corner. At this time it looks like the little end failed and the rod pierced the casing punching a hole in the starter motor and breaking all of its mounts. The oil cooler has been moved forward with a very large impact mark in the back of it. The oil contents of the engine deposited itself in the belly pan along with various pieces of aluminium from the breakages.

The early signs are that I need a new left and right engine casing, a new front cylinder and piston, I guess, plus probably conrod, maybe a crank and a new oil cooler. The disassembly of the engine is about to commence and only then will I truly know the full extent of the damage.

This has effectively ended my 2015 season which to be honest is one I want to forget. It started with a concussion and bent bike and ended with a blown engine, both at Brands Hatch.


Thuderbike Sport
Qualifying Time: 57.2
Race 1 Fastest Time: *
Race 2 Fastest Time: *
Race 3 Fastest Time: *
Fastest Minitwin time this weekend:51.040

Official timing

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