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Round 2 Snetterton 300 2015

Weekend Review, Snetterton 300.
Well 2015 round 2 is complete. It was a mixed weekend to say the least. Saturday morning was raining and as I had entered two classes, it meant I had to be out to qualify for Thunderbikes at 9:15.
The track was wet and my new helmet steamed up every time I breathed. My time 3:02 saw me placed in 20th for my first race. Next up was the minitwin qualifying. The track was still wet but the rain had stopped and I set a time of 2:51 placing me 29th.
I pretty well finished every race last or nearly last but this weekend was about track time and building confidence after my off at brands. I started 8 races and finished 7 retiring from one with a bike issue.
I completed 43 laps of the track equaling 129 miles and finished on Sunday with a 2:21 second lap that is the same as the personal best I set in 2013. I definitely felt happier at the end of Sunday after spending so much time on the bike, just need to sort my starts now.


TB Race 1. I qualified 20th with a time of 3:02.668 and finished in 18th with a fastest time of 2:38.9.
TB Race 2. I started 18th and finished in 19th with a fastest time of 2:23.814.
TB Race 3. I started 19th and finished in 23rd with a fastest time of 2:25.711.
TB Race 4. I started 23rd and finished in 23rd with a fastest time of 2:25.313.

Thunderbike Sport
TB Qualifying Time: 3:02.668
TB Race 1 Fastest Time: 2:38.980
TB Race 2 Fastest Time: 2:23.814
TB Race 3 Fastest Time: 2:25.711
TB Race 4 Fastest Time: 2:25.313

Fastest TB time this weekend:2:09.066
TB Official Results
Official timing

MT Race 1. I qualified 29th with a time of 2:51.956 and finished in 32nd with a fastest time of 2:27.508.
MT Race 2. I started 32nd and retired from the race with a lose footpeg. Fastest time was 2:25.115.
MT Race 3. I started 31st and finished in 27th with a fastest time of 2:22.872.
MT Race 4. I started 27th and finished in 27th with a fastest time of 2:21.346.

MT Qualifying Time: 2:51.956
MT Race 1 Fastest Time: 2:27.508
MT Race 2 Fastest Time: 2:25.115
MT Race 3 Fastest Time: 2:22.872
MT Race 4 Fastest Time: 2:21.346

Fastest Minitwin time this weekend:2:04.081
MT Official Results
Official timing