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Round 2 Oulton Park 2019

Weekend Review, Oulton Park.
Last weekend was Oulton park and it was a mixed bag for me. Started with a rushed qualifying, we were hurried out at the end of Friday after a day of stoppages and got 7mins to put in a fast time. This would of been OK but I didn't realise and got stuck in a slow pack, I spent 3 of my 4 laps clearing the pack and my last lap was my fastest but I was just finding my rhythm. This placed me in 23rd on the grid.

My first race on Saturday was stopped after two laps. We waited on the grid and were eventually sent on our way again although the start was an odd one. The lights came on then a yellow flag was raised and apparently a red flag too, unseen to me, then the lights went out and everyone took off. I was in neutral at this point expecting an aborted start! After the stoppage we were given 2 warm up laps and 6 racing laps. I was having a great race battling with "#185 James Robinson" and then I ran out of fuel two corners from the end of the race. I did manage to beat my personal best time set back in 2016 with a 1:56.738.

Race 2 was the last race of the day, a number of people had decided not to stay so there were a lot of empty grid slots. The second race was good fun I started in 20th and finished in 15th. I could see 14th to 11th in front but I couldn't catch them unfortunately. Lap times were 2 seconds down in the second race on my earlier times, maybe due to the drop in temperature. The weekend was good fun the bike was working well. Next round is Cadwell Park at the end of April. A disqualification of 2nd place meant I finished in 14th not 15th.

Championship points:2
Total points:25


Thunderbike Sport
Qualifying Time: 1:59.969
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:56.738
Race 2 Fastest Time: 1:57.221
Fastest Thunderbike Sport time this weekend:1:48.409

Official timing

Championship pg1
Championship pg2

Race 1 Saturday

Race 2 Saturday