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Round 2 Silverstone International 2018

Weekend Review, Silverstone International.
This weekend was a learning experience. The bike felt great but a flat battery and a water leak hampered my weekend.

I qualified 15th on Saturday morning and the bike was working great until I stopped for a practice start and the temperature was up at 105 degrees. I executed the start quickly and got back to the garages trying to keep the engine cool. I checked the water and i had lost about 250ml which is most of the radiator. I re-filled and attended race 1.

Again the bike felt great but the lack of track time meant I was being surprised most laps by new or changed bumps. I started 15th and finished 17th. Again the engine lost water, about the same amount again so I topped it back up and prepared for race 2.

As the start grid is based on the fastest lap from the previous race I started this race in 21st. Again the bike worked well but a flat battery reared its head. I had an exuberant competitor try to pass me on the last lap but instead of making the pass he took me out of the corner. We both stayed up but I lost 5 places in the process. I finished this race in 22nd. On the last lap my batteries expired and i crossed the line with no transponder which initially resulted in me being recorded as a DNF. I soon had this resolved with the time keeper. The water lever was down again and it soon became apparent the water leak was more serious than I had anticipated. This effectively ended my weekend. I have some time now to sort the engine, get the power up and prepare for a weekend at Cadwell park. The bike is going in the right direction, onwards and upwards. #73

Championship points :7


Thunderbike Sport
Qualifying Time: 1:21.252
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:20.591
Race 2 Fastest Time: 1:19.026
Fastest Thunderbike Sport time this weekend:1:15.025

Official timing


Race 1 Saturday

Race 2 Saturday