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Round 5 Snetterton 300 2013

Weekend Review, Snetterton 300.
Round 5 took us back to Snetterton, this time without the ice and snow and I must say it was much busier in June than it was in March!

Due to the large amount of racing that was scheduled the club had planned a split qualifying session for the minitwins. Those arriving early enough on Friday ran their qualifying in the dry conditions whilst everyone else qualified on Saturday morning, in the wet. The two grid would be merged with the fastest time being first then the fastest of the other session being second and each place alternated through the two grids. This meant that my qualy time of 2:37.322 in the wet placed me tenth overall, my best start of the season.

The race was mental, I managed to get fifth place by the second corner before I left the track. I managed to stay on my bike though so after tip toing back to the tarmac off I went again. I managed to finish the race in 18th out of 25, 6th rookie, not bad considering I was pretty much last after taking to the grass! My best time in the race was 2:26.770.

The second race was postponed until Sunday, we all lined up in the collection area for our race at the end of the day, which was now a lovely hot sunny day, but the track owners said no at the last second and we had to wait until Sunday.

Sunday was a very wet day. Minitwins went out straight after the warm up session for the postponed race from Saturday and on my second lap after making up a few places I low sided at the bomb hole. It was a human error I closed the throttle and loaded the front tyre in the dip which caused the front tyre to break traction. I slid off the track on my backside and the bike tumbled a bit on the grass. My first and only DNF of the 2013 season. My best and only lap time in that race 2:43.661. I spent the next four hours fixing the bike up ready for the next race. I got the last bolt tightened with about 10 mins to spare and went out for my next race.

I started my next race from 28th on the grid and kept my nose clean. I managed a fastest time of 2:21.999 and finished 19th, 7th rookie.

I started the final race of the weekend in 19th and finished in 22nd, 8th rookie. My fastest time was 2:23.712. It was a challenging weekend with all our races being in slippy conditions.

By the end of this weekend I had completed a total of 15 races with 15 top ten rookie finishes and one DNF, I had improved my laptime by 15 seconds.

Qualifying Time: 2:37.322
Race 1 Fastest Time: 2:26.770
Race 2 Fastest Time: 2:43.661
Race 3 Fastest Time: 2:21.999
Race 4 Fastest Time: 2:23.712

Fastest Minitwin time this weekend:2:05.620
Fastest Minitwin Rookie time this weekend:2:10.388

Official Timing