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Round 3 Pembrey 2013

Weekend Review, Pembrey.
Pembrey in wales was location of round three and another first for me. After a seriously long drive we arrived in deepest wales at a very disused airfield but what a track! During the track walk it became obvious just what a fantastic surface the track has, the grid levels were amazing.

Saturday started out wet after a very windy/stormy night. Qualifying was pdisapointing, after two laps I high sided the bike into the first corner. My first lap was a 1:22.0 and my second was a 1:16.8. This placed me in 21st on the grid as the 6th rookie. Fortunately bike damage was limited to a broken screen.

I started race 1 in 21st and finished in 20th but I did make up a rookie position finishing 5th. My fastest lap under race conditions was a 1:10.149 which was 12 seconds faster than my first ever lap of Pembrey and 6 seconds faster than my qualifying lap.

I started race two in 20th and went backwardds a couple of spots, finishing in 23rd as 7th rookie. This was last on the grid a very disapointing result and unfortunatly just as I got my rythem the race was finished. My fasted lap being the penultimate lap with a time of 1:11.537

Sunday started out cloudy but dry, we lined up on the grid for race three. I started in 23rd and finished 16th, 3rd rookie with my best result and my largest points haul. I took third from Dominic Veasey by 0.017 seconds and won a pot for my efforts. My fastest time, 1:07.430.

I was buzing for race four and now the sun was shinning but everyones pace increased ten fold and again I found myself at the back of the grid. My finishing position was 20th, 7th rookie with a fastest time of 1:08.976.

By the end of this weekend I had completed a total of ten races with 10 top ten rookie finishes and improved my laptime by nearly 15 seconds.

Qualifying Time: 1:16.869
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:10.149
Race 2 Fastest Time: 1:11.537
Race 3 Fastest Time: 1:07.430
Race 4 Fastest Time: 1:08.976

Fastest Minitwin time this weekend:1:02.599
Fastest Minitwin Rookie time this weekend:1:03.860

Official timing