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Round 1 Brands Indy 2018

Weekend Review, Brands Hatch Indy.
What a weekend. It was my first time on the SV since 2016 and my first time on the Kawasaki forks I have fitted. The first race was a wet race, optimistically i had fitted dry tyres in the hope the track would dry. 10 mins pre race i decided i had made the wrong decision and quickly put a wet front in. After two timed laps of squirming around i aborted the qualifying session and returned to the paddock. My time placed me 33rd on the grid which equated to 20th in my class.

Race 1 was mixed conditions most of the circuit was mainly wet with a few dry patches and it was very cold. I went out with wet tyres on and took it steady, learning the bike. I started in 33rd and finished in 27th, 20th in class.

Race 2 was bone dry and i got the tyres glowing hot and pushed the bike hard. The front felt amazing, the brakes are vicious which makes a change from the SV cheese option and the forks felt planted all the time. Turning was quick and precise and I had plenty of confidence to trail brake right up to the apex and make up time. Getting stuck behind a gagle of minitwin rookies was annoying and cost me until i passed them. Still not sure why the club hasnt put them in with the grid of 30 MRO minitwins, that’s were I started! I started this race in 26th and finished in 13th, 13th in class.

Race 3. I started this race in 11th from the 4th row of the grid. Unfortunately all my hard work on Saturday was undone in this race. It was wet and i just fell further and further back. I finished this one in 17th, 12th in my class.

Race 4. I started in 22nd and the track was mainly dry except for clearways corner which had been washed after a spillage. That left a very fast track, bone dry except for one of the fastest corners with a narrow dry line. We were advised to be careful through there as a number of people had fallen off but racers see the pass even on a wet track. The race was red flagged after 7 laps. I finished this one in 18th, 15th in my class.

My overall objects this weekend were to put some laps on the bike and see how it felt. After a year out I am happy with the results and the points. I will be building the supertwin engine this week and hopefully it will make its debut at Silverstone, a track I thoroughly enjoy.

Championship points :7


Thunderbike Sport
Qualifying Time: 1:20.317
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:02.670
Race 2 Fastest Time: 56.310
Race 3 Fastest Time: 1:03.149
Race 4 Fastest Time: 1:00.978
Fastest Thunderbike Sport time this weekend:53.287

Official timing


Race 1 Saturday

Race 2 Saturday

Race 1 Sunday

Race 2 Sunday