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Round 7 Brands Hatch GP 2015

Weekend Review, Brands GP.
I attended the BEMSEE round 7 back in Kent at the Brands Hatch GP circuit. This is only my fourth meet of 2015 which surprised me when I worked it out. I was looking forward to this meet and had spent a track day at brands on the gp circuit a week earlier.
This was the first BEMSEE meet I had attended in 2015 that did not have any rain. The weather was out of this world. Wall to wall sunshine for the whole weekend.
We were the first group out on Saturday morning, 9am, and less than two laps in the session was red flagged. We returned to the paddock and waited. Eventually we were called back some thirty minutes later to continue our qualifying. During the first session I managed to get out with the fast boys and was keeping up but in the second session I ended up right at the back. I tried to hang back but when I did go for a fast lap I caught the guys in front and spent three laps trying to pass them. My fastest lap was the one before I caught them and it placed me 34th on the grid. 1:49.790

Race 1 went really well but I was unable to be ruthless and force passes. I got caught up behind a couple of guys for four or so laps and couldn’t get past.
Two corners from the flag I got the run on 30th place I pulled along side him into the last corner and should of let the brake off but instead I did the gentleman thing, that no-one does when racing, and I let him take the corner. I eventually finished in 31st with a fastest time of 1:45.701 0.2 seconds behind 30th and 0.4 seconds behind 29th. My last lap was my fastest and was 0.6 seconds faster than the two guys I was chasing.

Race 2 was just as much fun but again I got stuck behind some riders and came home in 29th. My fastest time in this race was 1:46.900 and I set this on the penultimate lap.

Sunday’s race 1 was again set under a blue sky, not a single cloud to be seen. I started the race in 29th and finished in 31st. I lost so many places off the start and through turn 1 and I had no chance of recovering them. I knew what I had done straight away so decided I would not let it happen in race 2. I finished the race with a fastest time of 1:47.235 again set on the penultimate lap.

After I had a word with myself I set off for race 2. I started in 31st and told myself I wasnt going to brake into turn one. I didn’t I rolled off and tipped in and it worked. As I came out of the first corner and made my way up to druids I was right in the pack. I attacked every corner and braked later and harder than I had all weekend. I finished the race in 27th with a fastest time of 1:45.560.

Qualifying Time: 1:49.790
Race 1 Fastest Time: 1:47.921
Race 2 Fastest Time: 1:45.701
Race 3 Fastest Time: 1:47.235
Race 4 Fastest Time: 1:45.560

Fastest Minitwin time this weekend:1:37.304

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