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NGRRC Thruxton 2016

Weekend Review, Thruxton.
This was a change of club as BEMSEE don’t race at Thruxton. It was a one day event with three track sessions the first one being practice followed by a qualifying race and then a championship race.
This was my first visit to Thruxton so to start with in practice I just followed a friend around and got the hang of the tip in and braking points. I started the qualifying race in 9th and managed to knock 11 seconds off my earlier time. Unfortunately I went backwards early on and finished in 15th.
The race came around and I lined up on the grid in 15th. The grid was a mix of twin and four cylinder machines. I set off well and immediately got into a three way battle with a couple of CBRs but noticed an electrical problem where my gear indicator just showed 0 and my rev counter would flick between max and zero. After the first lap I broke free and started to make progress towards the bike in front when the problem escalated and I lost power. The bike developed a massive misfire and I dropped to last place. The bike picked up once I got onto the straight but I knew something was wrong and had decided to get to the pits and check it over. By the time I had reached the pits the misfire was worse and I retired. The bike was still running and reving freely and then I noticed a little square nut in the bottom of the belly pan. It was the nut from the positive terminal of the battery.

Qualifying Race. I qualified 15th with a time of 1:32.85.
Championship Race. DNF
MT Qualifying Race Time: 1:32.85
MT Race Time: DNF
Fastest Minitwin time this weekend: 1:27.65
Official timing